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Consultancy to Strengthen Organic Certification Body as per NPOP Standard

What is ORGANIC Farming?

Organic farming is basically a holistic management system, which promotes and improves the health of the agro-ecosystem related to biodiversity, nutrient biocycles, soil microbial and biochemical activities. Organic and biodynamic farming emphasizes management practices involving substantial use of organic manures, green manuring, organic pest management pratices and so on. It has also come to mean that it is a system of farming that prohibits the use of artificial fertilisers and synthetic pesticides.

What is NPOP?

National Programme for organic Production containing the Standards For Organic Products. NPOP is the organic certification standard of India.

Benefits of Organic Certification



» Lower costs for producers
  » Better knowledge of local conditions and languages
  » Better information flow between certification body and producer
  » Develops trust between producers and certifiers
  » More possibilities for making unannounced inspections
  » Keeps money in the local economy


» Lack of competence and information at start-up phase
  » Difficulties in obtaining international recognition
  » High initial investment costs may take resources from other activities
  » Conflicts of interest may lead to struggles of 'control'
Challenges of establishing Organic Certification Body.
While the benefits of establishing Organic Certification Body in developing countries are many, some acknowledgment must also be made of the difficulties inherent in building this type of infrastructure, likely the greatest difficulty is that of costs, Technical and Qualified Personnel. Organic Certification system is a highly specialized, knowledge-intensive endeavour, which can be expected to involve significant costs.

We can help you

Pramod Gupta & Company has the Associates who have prior experience to strengthen a Organic Certification Body as per ISO GUIDE 65 / NPOP Standard. We can also Conduct the gap analysis or if you require more information please contact

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