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    Our Services

We at Pramod Gupta & Co provide the following services in the Intellectual property Rights (IPR)

Trade Mark

» Trade mark search;
» Filing of applications, registration procedure;
» Renewal, opposition, rectification;
» Action of infringement and passing off;
» Assignment, licenses and transmission, drafting deed form, consequent registration of
   assignment, etc.

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» Registration, assignment, infringement of a copyright;
» Software programs copyright;
» Drafting deeds for transfer of copyright and royalty, etc.

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Patent Drafting : Preparation of utility patent applications- End-to-end drafting of patent applications (provisional/ non-provisional) specifically in mechanical, software, electrical, electronics, communication, and pharmaceutical.

Patent Drawings/Illustrations : Developing patent drawings/figures using state of the art systems.

Patent Search : Patent searches with regard to-
» Patentability Search;
» Validation/Invalidation;
» Freedom to Operate Search;
» Infringement Analysis/Equivalent Search including Claim Mapping;
» Informative Search;
» Competitor's Patent Search.

Patent compliance : technical analysis needed to create infringement-free designs for the client’s innovation.

Patent Review : On-going competitor patent review

Office Actions : Handling Office actions and PTO correspondences.

Patent proofreading : Proofreading of Patent specifications.

Patent Analysis & Portfolio Management :
» Understanding and categorization of a patent portfolio of a company;
» Doing a market analysis in terms of identifying key companies, areas of technical expertise,
   segment size, growth and trends of the segment for a given categories of patents;
» Overall rating of a patent on the basis of commercial viability, infringement aspects, strengths
   for future advancement;
» Analyzing a patent to identify key companies and their products, revenues, royalty rate and
   licensing terms for a particular patent.

Filing & Prosecuting of Patent Applications :
» Regular patent applications;
» PCT Applications;
» PCT National Phase Applications;
» Convention Applications;
» Handling Office Actions from various jurisdictions;

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Industrial Design

» Preparing, filing, and prosecuting design patent applications;
» Renewal, opposition, infringement procedures.

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