KPO - knowledge process outsourcing firm in India offering services like kpo legal, kpo secretarial, kpo accounting, kpo taxation etc., consultancy for certification, verificatio, accreditation.
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Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services - India

Legal Services

Dealing with legalities needs professional hands, as it is a very complex field. We believe that proper interpretation and understanding of a Law, drafting of legal documents can only be done through professionals well versed in this field. Depending on your requirements we select the right person amongst our highly skilled legal professional desk so as to fully justify your money's value. We provide services of experienced professionals at very competitive charges. We can provide services to Law Firms and single Attorneys. Our legal professionals are well experienced in dealing in the matters of
Intellectual Laws :
  » Trademarks search 
  » Trademarks registration
  » Renewal and restoration of registration of trademarks
  » Protection of trademarks
  » Patents search
  » Patents registration
  » Protection of Patent rights
  » Specification drafting
  » Copyright registration
  » Litigation support for your IP rights
  » Documentation relating to assignment of your IPRs
  » Investigation of threatened or actual piracy
  » Conduct of raids in case of piracy
  » Liaison with Indian authorities for ongoing registrations or related matters
Other Laws :
  » Arbitration Laws 
  » Corporate Laws
  » Taxation Laws
  » Securities Laws
  » Banking and Insurance Laws
  » Labour Laws
  » Property and Real Estate Laws
  » Business Laws
  » Landlord and Tenant Law
  » Trust laws
  » General procedural Laws
  » Wills
  » Criminal matters
  » Immigration matters
  » Medicare and Medicaid
  » Liquor Licensing
  » Other type of Licensing matters
  » Estate Planning
  » Matrimonial and Family matters

In addition to all this we have our own set of legal professionals having vast experience in the Indian Legal field. So any legal matter of yours where you need Indian law experts you can always bank on us.

Secretarial Services

PGC provide a wide range of Secretarial services, which conforms to international standards. Some of the services provided by PGC in this segment are as follows :
  » Maintaining statutory records and generating reports for the Board of Directors,
   Shareholders and other investors 
  » Preparation of documents for Board and shareholders meetings
  » Compliance with the Stock Exchange as per Listing Agreements
  » Drafting of company resolutions for specific purpose
  » Drafting of minutes of Board and shareholders meetings
  » Organise and maintain corporate records

Accounting Services

PGC provide a wide range of financial KPO services which conforms to international standards that include the Bank Reconciliations, maintenance of books and records as well as the preparation of financial statements. We also attend to cash flows and management information Some of the services provided by PGC in this segment are as follows
» General accounting 
  » Bank other reconciliation
  » Records management
  » MIS Reports
  » Accounts payable
  » Accounts receivable
  » Cash disbursements
  » Credit and collection
  » Cash application
  » Payroll
  » Billings
  » Regulatory reporting
  » Time and billing
  » Budgeting
  » Financial reporting
  » Asset accounting management
  » Financial analysis

 Taxation Services

The company you choose to handle tax outsourcing should be professionally strong enough to provide you with the services you need. At PGC our state-of-the-art tax outsourcing solutions and proven methodology enable clients to substantially reduce cost, while focusing on their core business. A trusted tax outsourcing partner with the ability to help improve your process while reducing costs, PGC can offer your company a tax outsourcing solution designed to meet your needs.

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